This is #mysportinglife

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I’m likely guilty of having used the term “dream assignment” in this blog a time or two in the past but never was it more accurate than when applied to this year’s epic adventures for Sporting Life! The mission was … Continue reading

CP + ENPV = :)

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This truly is why I love doing what I do. Early last year I got summoned down to Canadian Pacific’s head office here in Calgary to talk about potential for future stills & video work. As it happened, a former … Continue reading

“The Bow”

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Two things I do painfully infrequently are blog postings and personal projects – well for now at least my conscience is clear! I have the ridiculously good fortune to know many of Calgary’s great Olympians, including probably the world’s hottest … Continue reading


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In this crazy job I’m perpetually either paranoidly underemployed or manically overloaded. With luck, there’s the occasional day in between to feel just right. I’m mostly glad to say I’m in the manically overloaded mode right now but by good … Continue reading


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I’ve had the enormous privilege to work with Alpine Canada’s finest badass rippers this year. Our short film “Pedal to the Carpet” launched today. Filmed on location at Panorama Resort, BC in January and February 2014. Thank you to the … Continue reading

On Creating an Evolved Image

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I’m big into strategy. With a past career in high performance teams & corporate change, how could I not be? And so of course I also have a process dedicated to defining said strategies: if it feels sexy it’s strategic; … Continue reading