CP + ENPV = :)

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This truly is why I love doing what I do. Early last year I got summoned down to Canadian Pacific’s head office here in Calgary to talk about potential for future stills & video work. As it happened, a former … Continue reading


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In this crazy job I’m perpetually either paranoidly underemployed or manically overloaded. With luck, there’s the occasional day in between to feel just right. I’m mostly glad to say I’m in the manically overloaded mode right now but by good … Continue reading

I shoot horses. Happily.

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I’ve been at this job long enough now that there are times I just don’t mind saying “No”. In fact, to stay sane and grow as an artist it’s just plain necessary. And then there are times when the answer … Continue reading

For Once, I Remembered…

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“We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow”. I read these words for the first time on Friday 11th. Not having grown up here I’m unfamiliar with “In Flanders Fields”. The quote is inscribed on the first tablet at the Calgary … Continue reading

Holy Cow…well, horses really!

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When I’m lucky, definitely not every year, I get the reassuring consolation of knowing I shot at least one good image that year. And, lucky me, it’s now officially one of those years! I’ve already written about my Cowboy Stakeholder … Continue reading

I’d Like to Thank The Academy…

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Well, actually the Judges at the Applied Arts Photography Annual. I just got back from a blissfully email-free vacation to discover that I’ve once again managed to win a spot in the AA Annual. It’s a Canadian commercial photographer’s equivalent … Continue reading