CP + ENPV = :)

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This truly is why I love doing what I do. Early last year I got summoned down to Canadian Pacific’s head office here in Calgary to talk about potential for future stills & video work. As it happened, a former … Continue reading

“The Bow”

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Two things I do painfully infrequently are blog postings and personal projects – well for now at least my conscience is clear! I have the ridiculously good fortune to know many of Calgary’s great Olympians, including probably the world’s hottest … Continue reading

I Think I Love You, Ashley Ko!

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The whole “I love doing what I do” thing is totally straight-up and sincere. That said though, the occasional time-pressed CEO or headshot on seamless don’t exactly mark highpoints in my journey of self-fulfilment. And then there was last Wednesday … Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

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Guilty as accused! It’s true I rarely make a priority of personal work. A large part of this is because I came to photography by a circuitous route and didn’t grow up in a traditional art school environment. Another significant … Continue reading

He Shoots, He Scores?!

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So a Scots photographer walks onto a hockey rink, briefs the players, raises his video camera to his eye and yells “Action!”. No, not a joke but hopefully it’ll make for good comedy. My adventure in/love affair with moving pictures … Continue reading