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I’d Like to Thank The Academy…

Well, actually the Judges at the Applied Arts Photography Annual. I just got back from a blissfully email-free vacation to discover that I’ve once again managed to win a spot in the AA Annual. It’s a Canadian commercial photographer’s equivalent to an Oscar nomination and a really wonderful way to start the week.
In the last couple of years it’s often been my personal work that’s been selected for awards like Applied Arts & Communication Arts, so I’m particularly excited that this year’s success came with annual report work for a commercial client – Cenovus. I’d guess oil and gas annual report work is seen by some as something close to the work of satan. Maybe in some cases it is. I’ve certainly committed a few cliched atrocities on wellsites in my time in a desperate attempt to come up with something “creative”.
The project for Cenovus was very different in that it was primarily about people and landscape and was specifically intended to create a small number of high quality images. It’s refreshing to work for a corporate client that gets the power of photography.

Stakeholder series for Cenovus AR

Every now and again you just know at the very moment the shutter clicks that you’ve captured a great image. We spent most of the morning following activities on the farm, trying to tell the story of the landowners Cenovus shares its properties with. They theory of “you just do what you’d be doing anyway and we’ll photograph you” is all well and good but when you actually succeed in capturing powerful, authentic images like these it really is a thing of beauty. I’ve learned that given a bit of time, patience and determination great opportunities will present themselves. Even so, given that I spend most of my time minutely managing portraits on location or in the studio, documentary assignments like this one are terrifyingly wonderful.
Cowboy Series

This series was also selected for the AA Annual. Happy Monday to you all…!

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