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Holy Cow…well, horses really!

When I’m lucky, definitely not every year, I get the reassuring consolation of knowing I shot at least one good image that year. And, lucky me, it’s now officially one of those years! I’ve already written about my Cowboy Stakeholder series but darn it I’ve just plain got to write some more because the lovely judges at PDN have given me a place in the 2011 Photo Annual. I’m stoked. I suspect I may have said the same about winning a spot in Applied Arts but I’m stokeder now as the PDN Annual attracts entries from across North America. I’ve never made it into PDN before, so for me it’s a pretty big deal.
I’ve been trying to craft a cunning analogy to explain to any non-photographers reading this why it is that we’re forever propping up (supposedly now-dwindling) magazine revenues at $35 per picture trying to win coveted spots in an Annual. Drawing a blank so far. What I realise though is that it affirms the passion that drove me to this crazy career in the first place: God knows I’ve spent enough years reverentially pouring through the pages of the PDN Annual to find creative inspiration and my next photographic hero. Life would for sure have been better paid and no more stressful staying with my proper job. But the bottom line is I still love doing what I do and this just makes me want to do it even better…

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