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Isn’t it a little bit early to be photographing Santa?

I was thrilled to hear a little while ago that Rogers Sportsnet were to be starting a new magazine with Myles McCutcheon as their Photo Editor. And utterly delighted when Myles called to ask me to shoot for them. Who’s the subject? Iginla? Burris? Ames? Groves, Morrison or Hughes? No, Santa. Who?!
Turns out there’s this (wonderful but) crazy sports megafan who has tickets to quite literally every show in town. Flames, Hitmen, Stamps, Roughnecks – if they’re in town then he’s in the stands. Even the occasional Vipers game if he has to.
So we had the saddledome as our backdrop and even the Hitmen practising on-ice. What I didn’t fully appreciate until I saw Kim Thomas in person was how accurate his nickname is:jolly, white-haired, bearded and a bit prosperous. He’s the real deal Santa.
I don’t think I’ve ever generated so many different great portraits in such a short shoot. I believe in Santa again…