When 3x$400>>$2500

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You’ve got to love the new math of the digital world. In many ways it’s defined my whole career. When I arrived in the world of pro photography 10 years ago, digital was an esoteric and expensive beast with questionable … Continue reading

A Labour of Love

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Phew! After a 9 month gestation I’m really quite tired! Just finished a dream assignment that was equal parts labour-of-love and torture! I work a lot for the University of Calgary and over time have been rewarded with many great … Continue reading

I Think I Love You, Ashley Ko!

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The whole “I love doing what I do” thing is totally straight-up and sincere. That said though, the occasional time-pressed CEO or headshot on seamless don’t exactly mark highpoints in my journey of self-fulfilment. And then there was last Wednesday … Continue reading


agony+ecstasy series © 2011 . All rights reserved.

I’m all for long duration suffering. Lasted ten years in an office job before realising I didn’t belong. Like nothing more than a good week in the saddle on my mountain bike wondering if i’ll make the time cutoff each … Continue reading

Get On Your Bike & Ride…

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Some time just before it snows again I’ll be able to get out into the Rockies mountain biking this year. All that snow in some of the recent blog postings has failed to realise it’s no longer useful. However I … Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

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Guilty as accused! It’s true I rarely make a priority of personal work. A large part of this is because I came to photography by a circuitous route and didn’t grow up in a traditional art school environment. Another significant … Continue reading

Sofa so Good…

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Well Spring is in the air and this young(ish) man’s fancy has lightly turned to how much I loved making the latest spot for Michelle Cederberg’s Energy TV. Shit like this is why I left a perfectly good job ten … Continue reading

Holy Cow…well, horses really!

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When I’m lucky, definitely not every year, I get the reassuring consolation of knowing I shot at least one good image that year. And, lucky me, it’s now officially one of those years! I’ve already written about my Cowboy Stakeholder … Continue reading